Balise à Message Automatique 

Quelle est l'application de nos balises?

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With the Beacon Beacon Platform, you can:
Attract customers, and increase the possibility of shopping.
Increase customer interaction with a single mobile application, with personalized service notifications, promotions, coupons, and high added value features.
Influence purchases through targeted promotions and customer loyalty campaigns.
Describe paintings, art objects, to give more detail to visitors to the museum or exhibition, enhancing their experience.
Allow interaction with visitors in a museum, creating avenues of augmented reality.
Advertise and offer services to customers. (discounts, coupons, tickets, etc.)

Targeted content for your users:
Our Beacon Beacon mobile marketing platform, helps the world of retail to interact with its customers, by offering targeted services.

Stores, Commercial area:

Thanks to mobile phones, it is possible to initiate marketing campaigns by automatic message and to improve its visibility, as well for the world of retail store as of commercial zone or craftsman and company.

Faq Of E-Com-Plus Tags:

beacon balise

1. what is a beacon?
A beacon is a small, wireless device that constantly broadcasts radio signals near smartphones, phones and tablets, like a beacon emitting light at regular intervals. Mobile apps can listen to this signal, and when they receive it, trigger a location-based action.
2. Why is Bluetooth Low Power Consumption (BLE) important?
First, BLE is the signal emitted by beacons, and this is important for two reasons.
First of all, it transmits radio waves, which can penetrate physical barriers like walls, unlike Wi-Fi or cellular signals, which are often disturbed.
Second, the BLE only consumes a fraction of the battery power.
3. the quality and price of E-com-plus tags?
E-com-plus is a professional igyro beacon manufacturer in Europe and has its own manufacturing unit with engineers to deliver top quality end products for the customer. The beacon warranty is 3 without exchange.
4. Certified Tags?
Yes, all E-com-plus beacons are FCC / CE / RoHS certified.
5. our Tags work under?
IOS 7/8 or Android 4.0 and above?
6. how can I configure the tags?
E-com-plus will provide customers with the configured beacons, with the content of the message to be sent, this will be replaceable at any time at the customer's request against a minimum intervention billing.
7. How many types of tags can E-com-plus provide so far?
E-com-plus can provide 8 types of beacons, some are normal beacons, some are solar cell beacons, others are waterproof, self-adhesive, or shielded beacons.
8. Can E-com-plus personalized tags?
Yes, E-com-plus is able to customize the tags with special functions, the housing, the colors, the tags according to the customers.

Center of Interest: Museum, Art, Gallery, Exhibition, Theater ……

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An automatic message tag:
advertising by message providing information on timetables, prices, programs, etc.